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For this year's SAGE event we have some incredible speakers lined up to help understand anxiety in students and provide strategies reduce anxiety.

9:00 Representatives from ADSCY (Anxiety Disorder Society for Children and Youth) examine what anxiety is, how it is manifesting in our students, and what practical steps educators can take to help 

10:00 Jessica Minahan, a Special Educator, Author, and Behaviour Analyst, will join virtually to provide further insight on anxiety and practical steps educators can take to help

1:00 Mitch Bourbonniere will share his experiences with community involvement (Mama Bear Clan, Mount Carmel Clinic, etc.) and how they empower and foster a sense of belonging

2:10 Meg Olmstead will host a Jingle Dress Workshop. She will explore how it connects to Truth and Reconciliation and share how the practice has affected her


To sign up for this SAGE event, follow the link below to login into the Manitoba Teacher's Society website.

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